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In early 2024, the Urban Robotics Foundation (URF) will be publishing a series of Municipal Guides designed to to help prepare senior municipal leaders, smart city teams and other stakeholders as they seek to understand more about the challenges, opportunities, risks and rewards of deploying robots on city streets and in public spaces.

We believe the biggest barriers to successful PMR deployment are not technology-related, but rather are seen in the domains of municipal readiness and public acceptance. By publishing the first edition of these documents in advance of the ISO-4448, we can help maximize the promised benefits of these technologies and help stakeholders anticipate and minimize any unintended consequences during pilot testing and early deployment.

We ask you to help us spread the word about our work by pre-ordering an Executive Guide and telling your colleagues and friends about URF! As an added incentive to pre-order your Executive Guide now, everyone who pre-orders before December 31, 2023 will be eligible for a 25% discount on the Discovery Guide!

Executive Guide

Starting in January 2024, we will be distributing "URF's Executive Guide to Public-area Mobile Robots (PMRs)". Currently planned as a 12 to 14-page PDF, the draft table of contents includes the following:

  • Foreword from URF's Executive Director

  • What are Public-Area Mobile Robots?

  • Market Dynamics

  • Opportunities

  • Challenges

  • Balancing Benefits and Risks

  • Creating Open, Global Standards

  • Governance and Readiness

  • The Leadership you will Need

  • Next Steps

The first edition will be in English. Subsequent editions will be translated to other languages pending sponsorship support.

Additional Guides and Workshops

With the support of members and sponsors, URF will continue to develop more in-depth documents and workshops to support municipal readiness for and deployment of Public-area Mobile Robots. After the Executive Guide is distributed and starts to reach the right audience, we will be publishing the 2024 Discovery Guide to PMRs, followed by URF's Project Guide for PMR Deployment. These documents will be available for sale through our website and other channels.

The value of these guides will be enhanced by workshops (virtual and in-person) to support knowledge transfer and provide interactive learning opportunities for stakeholders.

Please visit our sponsorship page for more information.

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