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We are pleased to offer "Discovery Course" workshops to support municipal and facility operator readiness for (and deployment of) Public-area Mobile Robots. Helping participants to translate the content from the Executive and Discovery Guides to their work situation, our workshops can be held virtually or in-person, and for an exclusive team or an open group of attendees from different industries/sectors.


Our next open enrollment session takes place on September 4th, 2024
(12noon Australian Eastern Standard Time 
= September 3 10pm- Midnight ET) 


Please click the black button or use this link to register.


Registration Fee:  A$150/person 

Robotics Australia Members will receive a promo code from RAG.

Questions? Check out this flyer, or contact us today!

Please contact us to schedule a custom workshop for your team or to sign up for a paid workshop with attendees from other organizations.

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