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In 2024, URF is launching a series of workshops to support municipal and facility operator readiness for (and deployment of) Public-area Mobile Robots. Helping participants to translate the content from the Executive and Discovery Guides to their work situation, our workshops can be held virtually or in-person, and for an exclusive team or an open group of attendees from different industries/sectors.


An initial workshop will be held in early-mid March (on Zoom) to test the material and seek feedback from the participants. We will offer free tuition to the first cohort and ask you to fill in the form below to express your interest and availability. For this preview, it will start at either 10am or 1pm (Eastern Time) on the dates shown in the form below. We will pick a date (by February 20th) that seems to work for the most people and will let everyone know when it is confirmed.

I'm interested in attending the URF Discovery Workshop FREE PREVIEW (early-mid March - date/time TBC)

Tell us a bit about you:

Dates/Times (ET) that I can attend:

Thanks for submitting this form! We will reach out to you with details when the session is scheduled.

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