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October Events / URF Newsletter

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Do you have questions about how to prepare for the deployment and arrival of autonomous vehicles, public-area mobile robots and other mobility innovations? The Urban Robotics Foundation is offering a number of (free) webinars in the coming weeks and we invite you to register today. Hear from subject-matter experts and engage in our lively Q&A sessions!

On October 9, 2023, we issued an e-newsletter which you can view and share with your network. We also provide the content as a blog post for ease of access. This newsletter also includes:

  • YouTube - webinar recordings

  • In the News - ICYMI

  • Update: Municipal Guides

  • Membership - new Tech Start-up option

  • ISO-4448 - 7 parts available for review

 Upcoming Events: Register today for our (Free) Zoom Webinars

October 17th 12pm ET/ 9am PT Mobility Innovation and Next Generation Infrastructure Considerations - features guest speaker Greg Rodriguez, Mobility Policy Principal at Stantec.

October 18th 10am ET/ 3pm (London/GMT+1)

Member only event - Municipal Guide Workshop #4: reviewing draft text re: Orchestration & Certification; contacts in Asia/Pacific can join the 8pm ET event (see member portal).

Issues affecting Municipal Readiness for PMRs: Fireside Chat with Fahad Shuja and Glenn Asano - Fortran Traffic (2020 Smart-50 Award Winner for most transformative Smart City mobility project)

Introducing robots onto sidewalks and public spaces: challenges and opportunities: features global transport planning expert, Prof. Peter Jones - University College London

YouTube - webinar recordings

URF launched our YouTube channel last month and have posted 3 webinar recordings so far. We invite you to 'subscribe' and share these links with anyone who might benefit from viewing these informative sessions.

In the News - ICYMI

Update: Municipal Guides

ICYMI, the "Municipal Guide to PMRs" will be published in January 2024. It is now organized into three publications: 1) Executive Guide (~ 12 page overview) 2) Discovery Guide (~ 48 page detailed intro and case studies/use cases)

3) Project Guide (30 chapters of implementation guidance with checklists, etc.)

There is a new Sponsorship page on our website that includes additional background on the target audiences for each publication and some ideas for what a custom sponsorship package could include. Please let us know if you wish to sponsor these publications or know an organization that might find it valuable to do so:


We are delighted to welcome new members at any time and to receive referrals from existing members. To help support the technology start-up community, we now offer a $1,000 annual membership rate as part of our company membership options.

ISO-4448 - new parts available for review

URF is drafting ISO TC204 WG19 DTS4448, a global standard that sets the parameters and procedures for "Intelligent transport systems — Public-area mobile robots (PMRs) and automated pathway devices". TC204 refers to the ISO Technical Committee that is focused on Intelligent transport systems. WG19 refers to Working Group 19 that is focused on Mobility integration. WG19 has 165 people registered representing 21 countries and 4 liaison organisations.

Bern Grush, URF Executive Director, is the global lead for DTS4448 which will be published in stages starting in 2024. It will comprise 16 parts when completed. There are now 7 parts available on the member resources portal - URF members are welcome to read, comment and provide suggestions at any time. Please email your input to :

TD4448-1: Overview of Paradigm (2023 Committee Draft)

TS4448-5: Public-area mobile robot access on human pathways

TS4448-6: Journey planning sufficiency for public-area mobile robots

TS4448-7: Public-area mobile robot behaviour on human pathways

TS4448-14: Personal assistant robots for tasks and goods movement

TS4448-15: Passenger-carrying public-area mobile robots

TS4448-16: Safety and reliability for public-area mobile robots

We held two ISO review sessions for members: Sept 26, 2023 (Atlantic/Europe) and Sept 27/28th (Asia/Pacific). The focus of the discussion was parts 14 and 15. A video recording of the Atlantic/Europe session is now available on the member portal.

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