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smart cities

The challenge

If you work for a city — or any group impacted by public mobile robots — you may struggle to find the most relevant and credible information to help you investigate the issues and plan a response.

Join URF and be ready

As an international subject matter expert, URF helps you anticipate how the technology, deployment and regulation of public mobile robots (PMRs) will impact your city and its people.

As the initiator and project leader for the drafting of ISO 4448, the international standards for PMRs, URF invites you to preview, debate, and shape how PMRs should — or could — be integrated into cities.

The right questions

The right resources

Anticipate the impact of PMRs

Get access to the best information to guide investigation and decision-making

Benefit from strategic conversations tailored to needs of member organizations

Engage in Strategic Roundtables to network and problem solve with other expert stakeholders

Monitor global news and commentary about PMR deployment in exclusive bi-monthly newsletters

Access member-only workshops, webinars and online resource library.

Shape international standards

View, debate and contribute to the draft ISO standards for PMRs

Attend members roundtables (Zoom) to connect with other members and their point of view

And/or download ISO 4448 working drafts and submit comments via email

Members can access an 8-part webinar series that overviews the ISO 4448 standards, to give them context.


Membership Types

municipal planners


URF helps you ensure that your initial conversations about PMRs are focused on the right topics, in the right order. This is a critical first step in kicking off a more detailed investigation that would inform your city’s decision to permit PMRs and for what purpose, or reject them. 

Membership price for cities
varies by population, from
USD $1,000 to $25,000/year.

accessibility advocates


URF helps you focus on the PMR standards most critical to safety & accessibility issues for pedestrians and also the opportunities for overdue improvements to infrastructure. 

Membership is free to non-profit accessibility organizations. 

urban and traffic planners


URF offers you an in-depth view of evolving standards, an advantage when marketing your firm to cities on the cusp of preparing RFPs and responding to proposals.

Commercial membership is
USD $5,000 – $25,000/year.

technology planning


URF helps you ensure the design and operation of your device/system/fleet can accommodate city requirements in a cost-efficient way. We also help you maximize the likelihood of approval for municipal deployment.

Commercial membership is
USD $5,000 – $25,000/year.

Robot manufacturers
University researchers


Whether you are an academic or a journalist, We help you stay informed in order to fuel any research or reporting on the systems, deployment and impact of PMRs.

Researcher membership is
USD $500/year

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