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Discovery GUIDE to PMRs

This is the SECOND in our series of guidebooks that support municipal and facility operator readiness for (and deployment of) Public-area mobile robots (PMRs).


Are you new to planning for or adopting PMRs? An urban/traffic planner interested in understanding more about how PMRs and related technologies will impact your work? An accessibility advocate looking to see how you can help shape a future with PMRs on sidewalks and within public spaces? 


To purchase, please fill in the form below to go to our secure Stripe payment page. Members and partners have a promo code to use for a discount on their purchase.

Get URF's 2024 Discovery Guide to PMRs now!

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We believe the biggest barrier to successful PMR deployment is not the technology itself, but municipal readiness and public acceptance. By publishing the first edition of these documents in advance of the ISO-4448 (first edition publication is anticipated by the end of 2026), we want to help maximize the promised benefits of these technologies and help stakeholders anticipate and minimize any unintended consequences during pilot testing and early deployment.

These guides will be supplemented by workshops (virtual and in-person) that will support knowledge transfer and provide interactive learning opportunities for stakeholders. Advisory services are also available.

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