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URF welcomes Corey Clothier to Advisory Council

January 8, 2024

We are pleased to announce that Corey Clothier, Co-founder and CEO of ARIBO Autonomous Solutions recently joined URF's Advisory Council. Corey is an automated mobility strategist, global thought leader, and innovator who is focused on commercialization strategies for the future of mobility and AV systems.


Corey's main goal and passion is building AV programs and partnerships. He has worked with 25 AV companies on over 50 projects. His work ranges from grocery delivery pilots to testing emerging technologies at airports, transit integration to military applications, and everything in between.

Headshot of Corey Clothier

Corey has been a supporter of the ISO-4448 work led by Bern Grush since 2019. He has more than 15 years of product and business development experience in AVs. Corey* has led product development and deployment strategy for startups, automotive OEMs, defense, transit companies, major cities, insurance companies, and global entertainment companies.

He is actively reshaping mobility within our communities and publishes regularly on Forbes Technology Council. Here are links to some of Corey's recent posts:


ARIBO Autonomous Solutions is a boutique consulting firm with an extensive history, experience and network in AV research, planning and deployment. ARIBO stands as a distinguished collective of globally seasoned experts in autonomous vehicles. They excel in enriching every phase of an AV project, encompassing education, market analysis, and the journey from concept to deployment. With over 15 years of collaboration with diverse entities, ARIBO has been instrumental in establishing today's standards and best practices in the field.

Katie Clothier, COO of ARIBO (and Corey’s daughter), is an experienced autonomous mobility consultant, planner, and project manager in her own right, with a deep and diverse background in the AV development arena. She started working with Corey in the field in 2014, traveling the US as a demonstration manager for an autonomous shuttle startup.

Katie's combined experience in logistics management, leading warehouse and fleet operations, has been an asset in her consulting work with AV startups. Her AV experience includes autonomous drones, autonomous trucks, airport autonomous applications, automated wheelchairs, autonomous shuttles, GRT, and PRT. She has also led and supported feasibility, technical, operational, and risk reviews for a variety of AV projects. In her current role, she provides AV planning and deployment services to airports, logistics campuses, tech campuses, medical campuses, cities, and more.

*You can follow/ connect with Corey on LinkedIn by clicking this link.

Corey believes the future is destined to be autonomous and he and his team are on a mission to empower the next generation of AV companies towards growth and innovation.

We look forward to collaborating with Corey and Katie in the coming year(s) and hope you will join us in welcoming them to the URF network of members, partners and advisors.

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