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ISO 4448 Update Fall 2023

This is the first periodic update regarding our effort on draft technical standard DTS ISO 4448 – “Public-area mobile robots (PMR) and automated pathway devices.” This work will enter its 4th year in 2024 and has passed its halfway point.

Everything intended for inclusion has been determined, named, and outlined, but many details are incomplete. Several draft parts have been posted for URF members to review and comment on the members' resource page at If you see anything that needs attention or any aspect you see as missing or unclear, please advise Bern[@]

On Thursday, Nov 29, in Tokyo, we will update Working Group 19 with ISO Technical Committee 204 regarding the current draft status of DTS 4448 and specifically on two parts:

  • DTS 4448–14 Personal assistant robots for tasks and good movement

  • DTS 4448–15 Personal assistant robots for human transport

These two types of PMR differ from others in that they are either “follow me” in their navigation regime (meaning that a responsible human is nearby) or carry humans, such as for autonomous human transport in an airport or hospital. The initial draft for each of these is posted in member resources, as above.

OF SPECIAL INTEREST. At this same meeting, WG19 is hosting an intensive review of the current Management for Electronic Traffic Regulations (METR) draft. This extensive standard develops the methods and systems to ensure that machines can understand and trust traffic rules and regulations. I mention this because PMRs (which can interact with other transport machines such as automated cars and trucks) are included. That means that as METR is deployed over the ensuing years, autonomous navigation systems incorporated within PMR devices/fleets must comply with specific METR components in at least some national jurisdictions. This will likely be added as an extension to ISO 4448 after the current work items are completed.

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