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City of Odense to host R-24 Robotics, Automation & Drones

Updated: Feb 11

On March 13-15, 2024, the major robotics event R-24 will be taking place at the Odense Congress Centre. Robots have long since been part of the identity of the Danish city of Odense since the successful founding and global expansion of collaborative robot makers Universal Robots and MIR (Mobile Industrial Robots). Today, the robotics industry in Odense employs over 3,600 people - in a city with a modest population of ~200,000.


City of Odense

Once best known as the birthplace of fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen, Odense 'cobots' are now used all over world – from German car factories to American manufacturing companies. Peter Rahbæk Juel, Mayor of Odense, states:

The robotics industry is an integral part of Odense and the recent history of our city. We have invested massively – alongside innovative local entrepreneurs and the University of Southern Denmark – in creating a robotics cluster in Odense, that has an international outlook and standard. But what brought us here, was an ambitious and bold approach, and we are by no means slowing down – we are working diligently on making Odense the World’s Leading Robotic City, and with R-24 we look forward to welcoming the industry once again, to showcase what Odense has to offer.

Urban, mobile service robots may well be part of the next wave of innovation in Odense, which has an overarching ambition to create a better city through robotics. The first examples have already appeared in the cityscape. If you move around the centre of Odense, you may be lucky enough to run into one of the five public robot guides that guide tourists and other people around the city.


When Odense hosted the international badminton tournament Denmark Open in October 2023, mobile robots helped serve the ball and carry the players' bags onto the court.


Viktor Axelsen, shown here in Odense' Facebook post before the tournament, is a Danish badminton player who is the current number one ranked men's singles player in the world. (Photos from Facebook:


Possible test centre for urban robots

Odense's ambitions in the field of urban mobile robots go much further than tour guides and service robots. One pilot project will investigate whether mobile robots from the Danish robotics company (and URF member) Capra Robotics can sweep schoolyards in municipal primary schools around Odense. Supporting the project are Capra Robotics, Odense Kommune (City of Odense) and a student from the University of Southern Denmark.

In addition, Invest in Odense and research and technology company Teknologisk Institut (Danish Technological Institute) are looking at the possibilities of establishing a test centre for urban robots in Odense. A project that is part of the EU programme CitCOM focusing on the development of robot and AI technologies for smart cities and communities.


According to journalist, Morten Vitrup Lund:

"Seen from a global perspective, Denmark has taken on a frontrunner role, addressing the potential of using robot technology to perform service and maintenance in a greener way. Denmark has shown foresight in amending the Danish Traffic Act to include self-driving devices, which allows for testing autonomous robots in public spaces."


Urban robots on the agenda at R-24

For those curious about both mobile robots and Odense's renowned robotics community, Odense will host the international robotics event R-24, one of the largest events of its kind in Northern Europe. The conference programme will be finalized shortly and the event is free to attend. Registration is now open. The event runs from 13-15 March 2024.

For more information on R-24, please go to: 




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