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URF joins Professional Partnership Program with Waterloo RoboHub

December 20, 2023

Lee St. James, Managing Director of the Urban Robotics Foundation (URF), is pleased to announce that URF is now a Community Partner of the University of Waterloo RoboHub, a global leader in robotics research and development. Joining the Waterloo RoboHub's new Professional Partnership Program increases the networking and collaboration opportunities for members of both organizations.

About Waterloo RoboHub

With access to over fifty (50) faculty members in robotics and related fields, and a talent pool of over 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students available for project-based or part-time or full-time work, the Waterloo RoboHub is where innovation meets robotics excellence. As described on their website: "As a global leader in robotics research and development, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in this dynamic field. Whether you're an industry leader, a research institution, or an emerging start-up, partnering with Waterloo RoboHub opens doors to a world of possibilities where together, we can drive innovation, solve complex challenges, and shape the future of robotics."

According to Bern Grush, Executive Director of the Urban Robotics Foundation, "Our goals are to enhance the value of membership in URF and to expedite pathways to successful deployment of mobility innovations like public-area mobile robots. URF members will benefit from access to the latest research from the Waterloo RoboHub and by networking and sharing success stories with other community, industry and robotics start-up partners."

For Brandon J. DeHart, PhD, Manager of the Waterloo RoboHub, "We look forward to bringing our communities together, hosting URF members on campus at RoboHub tours and events, and developing innovative collaborations between industry and academia!"

About URF:

URF is a global, membership-supported non-profit collaborative with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Their goal is to help prepare cities and public facility operators for the arrival of Public-area Mobile Robots (PMRs) by sharing best practices and building a global network of people focused on learning how PMRs can contribute to improved livability in urban ecosystems. Use cases for PMRs include last-mile/sidewalk delivery, property maintenance, safety/surveillance, follow-me, personal assistance, etc.

URF is publishing a series of Deployment Guides that will help prepare stakeholders for pilot testing and deployment of PMRs and other mobility innovations. The Executive Guide and Discovery Guide will be released in January 2024. To order a complimentary copy of the Executive Guide, please fill in the sign-up form on the URF website:

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