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PMR Discovery Workshop - Asia/Pacific

[June 2, 2024 - Toronto, Canada and Sydney, Australia]

We are pleased to announce that URF and the Robotics Australia Group are presenting a workshop (September 4th 12-2pm AEST) based on URF's deployment and governance framework for public-area mobile robots (PMRs).

Led by URF's Executive Director, Bern Grush, guest panelists include:

  • Michael Whereat, Smart Cities Lead, Sunshine Coast Council

  • Prof. Seng Loke, Director of the Centre for Software, Systems & Society (CS3) at Deakin University, School of Information Technology

  • Nicci Rossouw, CEO, Robotics Australia Group

As a Smart City leader, are you looking at how new technologies like public-area mobile robots might be used to improve operations, address labour shortages and enhance accessibility? Have you been asked to report back to your executive leaders on how to prepare for deploying mobility innovations for autonomously transporting people or goods? Or how you might integrate robotics and AI in your maintenance or security operations?

It is not too early to start preparing for the inevitable arrival of PMRs, even if they are not already part of your urban ecosystem today.

Register today! The fee is A$150 to attend this valuable and informative workshop.

Learning Objectives:

- Examine the wide variety of Use Cases for public-area mobile robots (PMRs)

- Review the Opportunities and Challenges, Barriers and Risks associated with deployment

- Understand the 6 Governance Deployment Pillars and 5 Maturity Stages for adopting this new technology

- Get prepared to generate value while addressing the key challenges - ranging from licensing and insurance to public acceptance and certification.

Who should attend: municipal/government leaders, city council members, facility operations executives (facilities serving the public, such as airports, hospitals, parks, shopping malls, universities), urban planners, traffic planners, logistics operators providing last-mile services, maintenance operators contracted to facilities, security operators intending to add security robots to their operations, airport or hospitals adding robots to move goods or passengers, mobility researchers, and robotics innovators.


Need more information? This flyer provides more context to help you get budget approval to attend this valuable workshop. RAG members will receive a promo code to receive a discount when registering. 

This is a 90 minute workshop with optional 30-minute Q&A at the end. Please register on our event page:

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