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Norway invites URF to participate in sector dialog

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Bern Grush to speak at Norwegian Sector Dialog: December 13, 2023

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) has invited URF's Executive Director, Bern Grush, to be a (virtual) guest speaker at their upcoming sector-dialog on December 13. This sector-dialog is a combination of presentations and group discussions and is part of a process to gather insight into the regulation of public-area mobile robots (PMRs), a specific class of automated mobile robots (AMRs) for delivery and other services.

Self-driving robots are not currently legal in Norway (and several other countries!), but after receiving a permit from the NPRA, they can be tested on public roads. This dialog will proceed in three segments:

1. the potential value automation of services via self-driving robots brings to society;

2. the practical consequences the introduction of self-driving robots will bring to society

3. the regulatory frameworks for self-driving robots, including practices in other countries


Subject-matter expertise

Bern's presentation will outline:

· The role of standards vs regulations

· Regulations from a few countries (Estonia, Japan, South Korea) and some U.S. States.

· Use cases for public-area mobile robots (beyond delivery)

· Early steps for preparation of a city or facility to deploy PMR fleet(s)

· Outline of URF’s recommended six “pillars of deployment

· Five summary issues: accessibility, infrastructure, orchestration, pricing, and signals

· Update on draft technical standard ISO-4448

If readers are interested in having Bern do a similar presentation for their national or regional government body, please contact us to discuss speaker fees and logistics.

Advisory Services

In addition to paid speaking engagements, URF also offers advisory services. The scope of advisory projects related to PMRs can include topics such as:

  • RFP preparation / contract review

  • Project design (including use cases)

  • Infrastructure readiness

  • Monetization

  • Orchestration

  • Public/staff acceptance

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