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The Urban Robotics Foundation was created to help coordinate the robotic policies of member municipalities.


URF is the drafter of the ISO 4448 draft series for ground-based automated mobility. This standard sets up the parameters and procedures for loading and unloading of passengers and goods with automated motor vehicles at the curbside and the movement of Public Mobile Robots (PMRs) such as delivery robots within pedestrian spaces (sidewalks, crosswalks, bikeways, etc.) in cities, towns and suburbs.





ISO DTS 4448  provides common language, procedures and safety definitions for Public Mobile Robots such as robotaxis and last-mile delivery robots. These inform ground-control systems that manage robotic traffic as it loads, unloads, delivers, services, and maintains



ISO 4448 provides guidance to cities for constraining the times, places, speeds, pathways, and volumes of robots in shared public spaces so that pedestrians are safe and their rights-of-way are safeguarded



We support operators of logistics and other service fleets (e.g., maintenance, security) by informing a governance and communication infrastructure that makes negotiating concurrent access to city pavements, walkways, bikeways, laneways, etc. by multiple fleet operators both feasible and safe



We support manufacturers of automated mobile service robots (e.g., sidewalk robots) by informing a communication infrastructure that enables a common machine and fleet conformance for acceptance into operating fleets and for city deployment

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Bern Grush

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Bern Grush is a Canadian transportation innovator and entrepreneur in the fields of automated vehicles, parking reform, road pricing. With a focus on Human Factors and Systems Design Engineering, he brings a unique urban sensitivity to vehicle automation from both a human-social perspective and a complex-systems perspective. Bern is co-author of the 2018 textbook “The End of Driving: Transportation Systems and Public Policy Planning for Autonomous Vehicles.” He is the inventor of Harmonize Mobility's Rideal platform for transit-user micro-incentives being piloted in the EU, and project leader for ISO DTS 4448: “Ground-based automated mobility" for robotic ground-traffic operations.

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Lee Haber is a transportation consultant with expertise in transit design and road pricing, having written his Master's thesis on the financial effects of Full-User Pay Road Pricing. Being trained as a Civil Engineer and Urban Planner, Lee brings to the Urban Robotics Foundation an ability to see how systems interact and how urban problems require a broader perspective. In addition to his academic experience, Lee also has experience in the startup industry and non-profits, knowing what is required to grow an organization from the ground up.



Andy Manahan

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With over 20 years of experience in the development and construction industries, Andy has built an extensive network and gained a deep understanding of how to get things done. From regulatory reform to government procurement and infrastructure investment solutions, Andy has a wide range of knowledge to share. To that end, he has launched his own business, Manahan Consulting Services with a goal of becoming a valued and trusted advisor.


Michael Roschlau

Michael Roschlau is a strategic adviser in the field of public transit and urban mobility. His career has been dedicated to promoting efficient and effective public transit, most recently as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Urban TransitAssociation (CUTA). While Michael was President and CEO of CUTA, membership grew from 356 to 510, CUTA revenue rose from $1.5 million to $4.1 million, and government investment in Canadian public transit increased from $676 million to $4.3 billion annually.


Edona Vila

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Edona is a lawyer and Partner in the Toronto office of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Canada’s largest national law firm.  Edona is passionate about the intersection of law and innovation.    Edona’s product litigation and regulatory practice is focused on the liability of emerging classes of regulated connected products, including connected consumer products, autonomous vehicles, and Internet of Things. Edona serves on the Board of the Toronto Lawyers Association and the national IoT and artificial intelligence tech cluster, AIoT Canada.

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